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Vtipy o blondýnkách

Přijde blondýnka na rentgen a na snímku se objeví druhá páteř.
Doktor ji pošle ke gynekologovi a ten se jí ptá: „Používáte tampony?“
„Pochopitelně ano“
„A vyndaváte si předtím ten minulý?

Nejlepší vtipy anglicky

A Japanese came to Tatry and speaks with the Baca, about the martialarts. So baca asks: – Show me something, Japanese. OK, there is a swoosh, boom, and Baca falls on the ground. He opens his one eye, and asks: – Co to belo ? – Ka-ra-te. – Show me something else, Japanese. OK, there is a pull, a swoosh, a shout, boom, boom, and Baca lies on the grass. He opens one eye, and asks: – co to belo ? – Ju-ji-tsu. – Japanese – now I will show you something, OK ? OK, there is a swoosh, a thud, boom, the Japanese on the ground, telephone, signal, ambulance, hospital, insurance, second floor. On the next day, the Japanese opens one eye, and asks: – Co to belo? And Baca says: – Se-ke-ra!

Nejlepší vtipy anglicky

A man was driving his car along the road in the countryside, when suddently a cock ran in fron of his car. Unfortunately he couldn`t stop in time and he ran over the cock. The man stopped his car and walked to the farmhouse nearby.
„I`m terribly sorry,“ said the man. „But I`ve just killed your cock. I realise he must be very important to you so I`d like to replace him.“
„Thanks for your offer,“ said the farmer, „but I think I will go and buy another cock.“